Legal Decision Lab

Policy Team

Carly Sappern

Cornell 2021

Carly Sappern is a Human Development major. Carly is interested in the enduring, maladaptive psychological effects of solitary confinement on juveniles.

Halle Jaffe

Cornell 2021

Halle Jaffe is an English major and Law & Society minor, Halle is interested in research on the effect of having a juvenile record on future job prospects and hiring decisions.

Maren Ogg

Cornell 2021

Maren Ogg is majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Maren is interested in how attribution and individual differences in meaning-making influence decision making, particularly when it involves perceptions of deviance. Maren is a Teaching Assistant with the Cornell Prison Education Program and is Co-President of Cornell’s Prison Reform and Education Project. Maren plans on attending graduate school in Psychology and wants to help make policy reforms based on empirical evidence.

Shaye Miller

Cornell 2021

Shaye Miller is interested in how victim's bills influence voting behavior.