Legal Decision Lab

Attorney Team

The attorney team is investigating how attorneys influence the legal system. Specifically, we are interested in the influence of attorney behavior (e.g., objections, joining cases, closing arguments) and attorney characteristics (e.g., gender & attractiveness) on jury decisions. We are also studying the influence of the legal system on attorneys. We have a particular focus on law student distress (e.g., anxiety, stress, depression, substance abuse). We also plan on investigating he relationship between attorney distress and discipline

The undergraduate research assistants on the attorney team include:

Addie Rodriguez

Cornell 2022

Addie Rodriguez is a Government major who is interested in how attorney characteristics influence juries. Addie is also interested in prison reform and American politics. She plans to attend law school and become a criminal defense lawyer in the future.

Alejandra Arroyo


Alejandra Arroyo is interested in understanding how attorney characteristics influence juror decision making. She is also studying how law school influences law student mental health and substance use. Alejandra is planning on attending law school.

Peter McKendall

Cornell 2020

Peter McKendall is majoring in Urban and Regional Studies . He has had a long-standing interest in the law, but only recently became interested in the intersection of psychology and law. Specifically, he is interested in damage awards and what factors influence jury decision making. In the future, Peter hopes to attend law school.

Rubi Gonzales

UTEP 2020

Rubi Gonzales is interested in factors influencing jury decision making. Rubi plans on attening graduate school.